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Counterfeit Schecters

It’s been brought to our attention by a very disappointed Schecter player that there is someone selling extremely poor copies of the Schecter Synyster Gates model on popular auction sites, claiming they are genuine Schecter guitars at ‘factory direct’ prices.

On receiving his guitar he was immediately able to tell it was a fake due to the poor construction and parts, over large headstock and terrible finishing (seriously, look closely at the pinstriping on the headstock image!).


We’ve notified Schecter and unfortunately this is something that has happened sporadically over the years with copies coming from the far east, and is very difficult for them to stop.

Please check out Schecters full statement regarding this by clicking  here.

Hopefully it can be seen from these photos just how appalling these ‘guitars’ are finished- they really are an insult to a brand like Schecter who pride themselves on their quality control.

If in any doubt buy only from an authorized Schecter dealer. Just give us a call if you have a question or want more info. unfortunately if a deal seems too good to be true, chances are it is!







Many thanks to Michael Cardwell for taking these photos and passing them on for us to use.



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