Acus Amplification Now Available

Andy Haldane Acoustic Amplifier, Acus

Westside Distribution are proud to announce our appointment as distributors of Acus Acoustic Amplifiers.

Acus’ mission is to amplify acoustic sound with clarity, purity and natural tone

Acus conceives, designs and manufactures its entire line of products exclusively in Italy at Recanati, drawing upon the highest level of expertise available from a centre of history and tradition in the development and manufacture of musical instruments in Europe.

Acus was founded and is managed with enthusiasm and innovation by the Canale family, drawing on over 40 years of dedicated development and experience from this sector.

The speakers, cabinets and all electrical components are custom made. Acus’ designers have developed bi-amplified power sections in the electronic components able to create a high bandwidth and slew-rate.

In strategic positions of the preamplifiers are located specifics class A output stages and able to offers a very warm valve-like tone typical of studio amps.

The sound cabinets are built in the Acus’ custom shop on an individual basis with sophisticated variations in design and choice of base materials within the parameters of the models.

The loudspeakers are produced to Acus’ standard specification, with ultra light responsive cones.  An Italian custom design with faithful attention to detail in its preamps, speakers, components and cabinets – aesthetics and functionality in perfect harmony.