Band Of Gypsys ltd edition Fuzz Face

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Fancy a bit of limited edition Mini Fuzz Face in time for Christmas?

Introducing the brand new Band Of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini, probably the coolest red thing with a 4.5cm circumference anywhere on my desk right now.

bog top

This little beauty is a strictly limited edition version of the super-aggressively toned red Fuzz Face Jimi used at some of his most noted live performances. Check out Live at Woodstock, Live at Berkley or Live at the Fillmore East- that now legendary red fuzz is at Jimi’s feet for all these shows.

bog side

Although that original full sized fuzz has long since disappeared, this new limited edition pedal gives you a slice of that biting fuzz tone, in the compact housing of a Mini Fuzz Face.  The Engineers at Dunlop worked tirelessly to recreate the searing sonic bite, eventually settling on a version of the Octavio® circuit that didn’t have the octave up signal. After making a few tweaks, they nailed it with the Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face Mini Distortion.

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So now you can get the same Fuzz Face tone Jimi used to woo the masses at some of his most famous performances. It comes in a pedalboard-friendly Fuzz Face Mini housing, complete with an AC power jack and an on/off status LED.

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