Brand Focus: Levy's Guitar Straps

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Levy’s Leathers was founded in Canada in 1973 by Harvey Levy, and is still run today by Harvey and his brother Dennis. In the heady days of the 70’s it was de rigueur for the counter-culture to be festooned in leather adornments: leather belts, leather barrettes, floppy leather hats, wide leather watchbands, leather pouches and purses… and Levy’s leathers excelled in producing all of these.

As the 70s evolved so did Levy’s, and the company began to focus on guitar strap manufacture- with great success. Today the company employs 200 people, in two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and Winnipeg, Manitoba, all making guitar straps. Lots of guitar straps. Over 365 kinds of guitar straps, to be exact.

Manufactured to the highest standards, it’s the attention to detail than make a Levy’s strap what it is, like the embossed leather and the stitching on this MV17T10… you know just to look at it that it’s a strap for life:


Levy’s also have a huge selection of vibrant and colourful printed straps, check out the multitude of designs of the MPD2 Sublimation range, some of them are pretty radical:



The designs are as colourful as the mural that adorns almost the entire Levy’s Factory in Winnipeg!


Levys mural

Levy’s straps are sheer quality- and as Levy’s themselves say ‘Your Guitar Is Worth It.’