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“Simply better design”.

Coming together in 1998, TonePros is a company comprised of professional luthiers and design specialists with a common goal – to make your instrument the very best it can be.



The majority of electric guitars are instruments of tradition; often the hardware that manufacturers choose to fit to their guitars is based upon designs that have not changed for half a century or more. While aesthetically this can work for the instrument, tonally the guitar can suffer. As an answer to this, TonePros create direct replacement components with superior engineering; improving tone, performance and usability whilst still maintaining the visual integrity of the instrument.


Utilizing the ‘Patented Pinch’ created by their locking ToneScrews, TonePros bridges and tailpieces clamp down tight. This dramatic reduction in play brings enhanced sustain, harmonics & intonation to your instrument. Also, how many times has your bridge fallen off or your set up shifted slightly when changing your strings? With a Tonepros bridge this won’t happen.


Why not test yourself if your guitar could benefit from a Tonepros bridge? Next time you have the strings off of your guitar, hold your bridge between your thumb and index finger while it still rests on your guitar, and wiggle it. If it moves (and it will), you are not getting the intonation and harmonics you deserve. The greater the wiggle, the greater the problem. TonePros® have the solution.

For more info drop us a line here, or call Westside on 0844 326 2000 and we’ll point you to a UK dealer.