David Gilmour Signature Herco Pick

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March has been a pretty sweet month for David Gilmour. Not only has he celebrated his 69th birthday,  he’s also announced- and sold out- a five night residency at the Albert Hall as part of his forthcoming autumn solo tour. Not bad… not bad at all.

Have you seen one of these before?

David Gilmour pick

Chances are you’ve not, as they were made exclusively for David by Dunlop as a customised recreation of his favourite picks from the Herco series. We don’t think he’s the kind of artist to throw picks into the crowd at the end of a performance, and, even if he was, the stages he plays on are usually too large and far away for one of these to reach, So we imagine very few folk have got their hands on one of these apart from Mr Gilmour.

Although the likelihood of playing a Gilmour Signature Herco are pretty slim, the pick is based on the Herco Flex 75 which have been a stock member of the  Dunlop pick range for a loooong time and they aren’t going anywhere either- Chris Squire from Yes once said they’re ‘the only pick i’ve ever used and only pick i ever will!’

Or if you fancy a true slice of history, to celebrate the their 50th anniversary this year Dunlop have announced the Herco ’66 Reissue. The ’66  is a direct replica of the Herco pick that was so popular in the 60s and 70s and with it’s classic styling looks very retro yet feels great.  Available in the 3 guages, the Herco 66 Reissue will be available in the UK in April. read more about these awesome picks over on the official Jim Dunlop Blog.