The Drum Workshop DW5000AD4

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Today we’ve been taking nice photos of cool bits of kit for this website (it’s a hard life), and while doing so we been reminded just what a fantastic peice of kit the DW5000 kick pedal from Drum Workshop is.

The 5000 pedal was the product that put DW on the map, it’s innovations moving the goalposts for the competition throughout the 70’s and 80s. Its bigger brother the 5002  also revolutionised the double kick pedal,  unique linkage of universal joints becoming one of the most popular pedals of it’s kind.

The 2012 model is the DW5000AD4, which we’ve been snapping today. Picking the pedal up, you can immediately feel the quality and closer inspection only confirms this: every component is sculpted beautifully to fit with each other to provide the smoothest pedal action and least resistance possible. It really is the Rolls Royce of drum hardware.

The 5000 has progressed through the years, evolving rather than changing, as DW founder Don Lombardi has said: “Our company was basically founded on the 5000 pedal and we’ve always considered ourselves a pedal company first. I’m really proud of this new pedal and we’ve only improved upon an already good thing. We were really careful not to reinvent the wheel.”

Wise words from the boss man.