Dunlop Mini Fuzz Faces! [Namm 2013]

EditorGeneral News, Jim Dunlop

They’re already causing a bit of a stir at the Namm show- is there going to be a cooler product announced than these Mini Fuzz Face distortions?

These brand new mini pedals give legendary Fuzz Face tones in smaller, more pedalboard friendly housings with several upgrades: a bright status LED, an AC power jack and a convenient battery door. More importantly they look the absolute business!


The FFM1 Silicon Fuzz face Mini Distortion is spec’d from a 1970 Fuzz face Distortion in our own collection, prized for its bright and aggressive fuzz face sound delivered by its matched BC108 silicon transistors.

The FFM2 germanium Fuzz Face Mini Distortion is based on ’66-’68 era pre-silicon fuzz face distortion, famous for warm vintage fuzz tones provided by slightly mismatched germanium transistors.

The FFM3 Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face has the same circuit and the JHF1 in a smaller housing, delivering the thick, smooth fuzz face tone that Jimi Hendrix made famous in a pedalboard friendly Size.