Dunlop NAMM 2020 Picks

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Dunlop Picks


John Petrucci Trinity Pick

This pick combines the Jazz III’s maneuverable size, the Flow® Pick’s contoured shoulders, and the small triangle shape for a smoother, faster, and more precise playing experience.

• Combines Jazz III Pick size and maneuverability with Flow Pick geometry

• Custom three-sided shape provides superior handling

• Ultex provides a smooth attack and bright, articulate tone




John Petrucci Signature Guitar Pick Collection

“Working alongside Jimmy Dunlop and his incredible team, we have developed a series of 4 extraordinary picks that expand on the Jazz III shape based on my own needs and desires as a touring and recording artist: the JP Jazz III Pick, the JP Primetone® Pick, the JP Flow® Pick, and the JP Trinity Pick.” – John Petrucci

• Collect all 4 of John Petrucci’s signature Dunlop Picks

• Each pick expands on the iconic Jazz III shape to suit John’s touring and recording needs

• Includes a total of six picks per pack: JP Jazz III Pick (1), JP Primetone Pick (1 black, 1 ox blood), JP Flow Pick (1), and the all-new JP Trinity Pick (2)




These picks combine the Gator Grip Pick’s matte gripping surface and molded, beveled edge with the speed and precision of the Jazz III shape for a smoother playing experience and a more articulate tone.

•  Matte surface provides tight, nonslip grip

• Molded, beveled edge provides smooth attack and soft release

• Jazz III shape provides speed and precision




Shred Pick Variety Packs

The Shred Pick Variety Pack features a carefully curated selection of picks that are designed to let you show your advanced technique. With a wide range of shapes, materials, and grips, this pack allows you to experiment with the different approach each pick takes to enhancing the precision, clarity, and speed of your attack so that you can find the one that best fits your playing style.

Shred Pick Variety Pack Contains: Ultex Sharp 2.0mm, Tortex Sharp 1.5mm, Tortex Flow .88mm, Tortex Flow 1.0mm, Delrin Prime Grip 1.5mm, Delrin Prime Grip 2.0mm, Flow Standard 1.5mm, Flow Standard 2.0mm, Max-Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber, Max-Grip Jazz III Black, Jazz III Ultex, and Jazz III XL Stiffo.





There’s no easier way to enhance your playing experience than to try out a new pick and see how it improves your tone and feel. The Bass Pick Variety Pack brings together a collection of shapes and materials that perfectly complement the low end and playability of the electric bass, whether you’re playing hard and fast or leaning back with a tight, thumping groove.

Bass Pick Variety Pack Contains: Ultex Tri 1.14mm, Delrin Prime Grip .96mm, Tortex Flex Tri 1.0mm, Tortex Standard .73mm , Tortex Tri 1.14mm, and Max-Grip 1.0mm.







Fifty years ago, Jimi Hendrix closed out a historic festival with an epic two-hour set that included his famous psychedelic rendition of the national anthem. These pick tins commemorate that momentous event with 6 Genuine Celluloid Picks emblazoned with super trippy artwork from award-winning UK-based design crüe ILOVEDUST.





As one of the greatest riff masters of all time, James Hetfield needs gear that performs as monstrously as he does. When he came to Dunlop looking for a pick to meet his high standards, we worked closely with him to create a solution that keeps up with and even enhances his performance.

• Combines the specially engineered shape of Flow Picks with Hetfield’s Black Fang Pick

• Small profile and low profile grip provide superior control

• Blended beveled edge allows pick to glide across strings

• Wide angle and sharp tip focus attack

• Perfect for Hetfield’s hard-charging riffs