Dunlop Strings: New Pure Nickel Electric and Ukulele sets

Editor General News, Jim Dunlop

Some new strings from Dunlop:


Dunlop Pure Nickel- For a rich, vintage vibe and modern quality and consistency , These strings are specially formulated for old school warmth, excellent sustain, and a smoth midrange. Made from 92% nickel wrap and steel hex core materials, Dunlop Pure Nickel Strings offer players a distinct range of tonal shading well suited for Rock, Blues and Jazz.


Brand new for 2013, Dunlop Ukulele strings offer a traditional balance of Warm overtones and superb clarity with excellent dynamics and sustain to communicate your unique playing style.

Dunlop uke strings are made with a proprietary blend of nylon monofilament for improved flexibility, tuning, and longevity; and they’re inspected using laser precision technology to ensure overall consistency.