Made Of Stone- premiere tonight!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 18 months- a soundproofed rock, deep under the ground- you will know that 2012 was the year The Stone Roses returned. In October 2011 the legendary Manchester band suddenly heralded by press conference that they were playing live again, announced 3 consecutive nights at Heaton Park in Manchester in June 2012, and promptly created the fastest selling UK music shows in history.

Through 2011 and 2012 acclaimed director Shane Meadows (This Is England, Dead Man’s Shoes ) followed the band as they went from top secret rehearsals, to a tiny warm up show in Warrington, a controversial European tour and finally to 3 nights  at the 75,000 capacity Heaton Park in Manchester. The result is Made Of Stone.

As can be seen in the trailer below, Meadows is a massive fan and this film release is proving to be almost as much of an event as those massive gigs last year. With loads of unseen footage charting the notoriously interview shy band, Made In Stone is a must see.

Westside have been lucky to have been involved from a very early stage of the Roses comback, from those very first secret rehearsals. John Squire was pointed our way by Mick Jones of The Clash, after he heard and fell in love with the sound of Jones’ Boogie Lonestar 2×12. Soon, Mani was on board too via the  rumble of the Mesa Big Block 750.

Squire Lonestar Boogie

Made In Stone premieres tonight May 30th at the Victoria Warehouse Manchester, and is on general release from the 5th June. We’ve even heard a rumor that our own Mark De Neys may have a supporting role in the film, but we’ll need to see it to confirm!