Mike Portnoy announces the winners of Cymbal Vote [Namm 2013]

Editor General News, Sabian

The votes have been cast and the results are in!

Earlier this year the Cymbal Vote tour travelled the length and breadth of the country giving players the opportunity to try 12 prototype cymbals, 4 of which would be the final production models for the coming year. As is becoming tradition these 4 cymbals were announced on the first day of the Namm show in Anahiem, this time by none other than Mr Mike Portnoy! The winners of this years Sabian Cymbal Vote are:

8″ and 10″ AAX Air Splash:

AAX Air Splash

Popular yet denied a winning place in the previous year’s Cymbal Vote, the Air Splash was brought back this year for another chance, this  time making it through to the last 4! This is a punchy, cutting splash cymbal that really opens up and breathes. With 3⁄4″ holes in the 8″ model and 1″ holes in the 10″ model, the Air Splash incorporates a raw bell with AAX hammering and lathing, resulting in a biting splash with plenty of substance and depth.

14″ and 16″ AAX X-Plosion Hats:

AAX XPlosion Hats

Yes, it’s true – big Hats rock.  So Sabian have introduced the 16″ AAX X-Plosion Hats! The award- winning design of the best-selling X-Plosion crashes guarantees this incredibly versatile pairing will sound simply amazing. The medium top, medium-heavy bottom combo provides incredible foot. They’re very open and loud, but also tight and articulate!

18″ AAX Freq Crash:

AAX Freq Crash

A Sabian-exclusive dual lathing process results in this unique, intensely- cutting cymbal. While many rock cymbals cut with focused, high-pitched tone generated by the bell, the additional lathing process used to manufacture the Freq Crash delivers a very fast explosion of tone followed by a change of frequency that fills the stage with huge, open sound.

24″ AA Bash Ride:

AA Bash Ride

Sabian have heard the cry for BIG cymbals loud and clear! As a result, they’ve included this Crash-Ride edition of the popular Raw Bell Dry Ride – but bigger and lighter! The Bash Ride performs equally well as a fantastic light ride or a great, BIG crash. A smaller bell design helps control the sound when you need a ride – or just bash away on it for the huge, stage-eating sound only a 24″ Crash can produce.

All four Cymbal Vote winners are available in  UK Dealers NOW!

Hear the winners online at www.cymbalvote.com

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