MXR M305 Tremolo

Andy HaldaneMXR

This return of the tremolo effect to the MXR line combines a full historical range of masterfully tuned tremolo styles with a host of features to satisfy the performance needs of today’s discerning players.

6 Tremolo Modes
Six carefully curated tremolo styles are available on board, giving the player access to everything from lush subtle harmonic movements, to jagged synth-esque square waves.

Push the Envelope
By engaging the Envelope Mode, the Speed and Depth of the tremolo is determined by the volume of the input, creating an incredibly dynamic and expressive effect.

Express Yourself
The CTR input can be used with an external tap tempo or expression pedal, pushing the expressive potential of the M305 even further.

Optional Stereo I/O
The pedal can also be run in stereo via TRS cables, making it perfect for keys players or guitarists using stereo rigs.