Way Huge Smalls series

New Arrivals from Dunlop, MXR & Way Huge

Andy HaldaneArtists, Jim Dunlop, MXR, Way Huge

We are pleased to announce that the new products which were unveiled at NAMM 2018 in January are now with us in the UK.

The Dunlop Cry Baby Mini 535Q Wah, MXR Sugar Drive and Classic 108 Mini Fuzz plus the Way Huge Smalls series are all set to rock stages, studios, rehearsal rooms and bedrooms across the country alongside the exciting new Flow picks with the Andy James & John Petrucci signature models arriving first.

Dunlop Cry Baby Mini 535Q Wah

The Cry Baby Mini 535Q Wah comes in at half the size of the standard version, and on the inside, it sports the legendary red Fasel® Inductor. If you want to save space while retaining ultimate control over your Cry Baby Wah sound, this pedal belongs on your pedalboard.

Way Huge Smalls Russian Pickle Fuzz

Now in a Way Huge Smalls housing, the Russian-Pickle Fuzz dishes out smooth, creamy fuzz tones in a much more pedalboard-friendly package. It’s got the exact same circuit and controls as the original, so you can keep trembling the earth with the same punchy midrange and fat bottomed thunder.

Way Huge Smalls Blue Hippo Analog Chorus

The Blue Hippo Analog Chorus sounds as lusciously liquefied as ever in a Way Huge Smalls housing. With its simple Speed and Depth control interface, you can dial in everything from lush tone-widening to full-on rotating speaker modulation madness. If you want to splash on some thick vibrato goodness, just flip the Vibe switch to give your already aqueous tones a little more texture.

Way Huge Smalls Aqua Puss Analog Delay

The Aqua-Puss Analog Delay is famous for its bright, jangly repeats and wonderfully straightforward operation. Now, all of that wholesome goodness comes in a Way Huge Smalls housing that your pedalboard will love you for. With 20ms to 300ms of delay time on tap, this pedal is all about tone-thickening and old school slap-back.

Way Huge Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive & Fuzz

The Way Huge Pork & Pickle Bass Overdrive & Fuzz serves up a perfectly balanced diet of gnarly tones for bass players who like to get down and dirty. The first ever bass pedal from Way Huge, this delectable dish combines the warm, soft-clipping tones of the Pork Loin and the rich, fatty tones of the Russian-Pickle Fuzz in a single package.

Andy James Flow® 2.0 mm Pick

The Andy James Flow Jumbo Pick makes every note sound rich and powerful-perfect for the modern fretboard virtuoso’s complex compositions. Made from toneful, durable Ultex, this pick features a uniform bevel that makes playing almost effortless. “It has vastly improved my accuracy, technique, and tone forever,” Andy says. “I can’t use anything else. It’s the most perfect precision tool I’ve ever used.”

John Petrucci Flow® 2.0 mm Pick

Developed in collaboration with legendary shredmeister John Petrucci, this pick is designed to complement his huge sound and the intricate passages he’s famous for playing. It projects volume and depth thanks to Ultex®, and its uniform bevel allows John to move from string to string with ease.