NEW: MXR Phase 95

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The words “Mini Phaser” just sound cool. Let’s forget the initial mental image of Captain Kirk zapping an alien with a tiny ray-gun and concentrate on what’s actually here:

MXR’s first ever ‘Mini-Pedal’: PHASE 95 – SSP £106.99

MXR have combined two of their most popular ever phasers and squeezed them into a pedal that fits in the palm of your hand. Even a small hand. Donald Trump’s hand…


So what are the two Phasers MXR have used in this devilishly cute unit? Well, first is The Phase 90. It really put MXR on the grid with its compact, exquisitely built housing and gentrified tone. It set the benchmark for which all other phasers are judged. Two years later, MXR unveiled the Phase 45—a more ‘chilled’ flavour of effect loved for its soft and effortless attributes to sit within a mix.

The tiny Phase 95 blends the Phase 45 and Phase 90 circuits in a mini casing with about half the footprint of a standard MXR pedal (That’s half a KitKat Chunky in Layman’s terms).


Now, the technical bit from the mouths of MXR themselves:

“The 45/90 switch toggles between the Phase 45 mode’s subtle two-stage phasing and the Phase 90 mode’s more pronounced four-stage phasing, while the Script switch toggles between two phasing styles. The Phase 95 is set to modern style phasing by default, which relies on feedback to create light harmonic distortion and gives the effect a more accentuated swoosh. Engaging the Script switch removes feedback for a lusher, more subdued sound with higher headroom and greater clarity. The familiar Speed control sets the rate of the effect.”


Got all of that? Good. Best click on the link below to find out where you can try and buy one. Just as well MXR have made them orange so they’ll be easy to see.