New SABIAN Product For 2017

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SABIAN has added a plethora of new sounds to it’s catalogue for 2017 and are launching this new product today through a small  number of “Hand Selected” UK Dealers.

These are:

Andertons Music Co.

Gear 4 Music

Professional Music Technology

Sound Attak

Drummers Only

Drumshop UK

Wembley Drum Centre



SABIAN’s new product kicks off with four new Effects models.


Three new sizes of the incredibly popular “Holy China” model have been introduced, with the cute but ‘insanely loud’ 8″, 10″ and 12″ models lining up with the 17″, 19″ and 21″ Chinas. These cymbals lend themselves to a multitude of stacking options or as a stand-alone effects cymbal!

Next up is the all-new ‘Aero Splash’. Following up on the success of the “Air” and “O-Zone” Splash Cymbal Vote winners, the Aero Splash has a much more natural decay than its perforated cousins. If you’re looking for a mix of trash, metal and bite, this is your kinda splash! Available in 8″, 10″ and 12″.

Haven’t you heard? Stacks are definitely ‘in’ for 2017. If you’re looking for a quick and easy introduction to the stacking world, consider the XSR Fast Stax your solution. Combining a thin XSR 13″ X-Celerator bottom and a 16″ Wide-Lipped Chinese, you’re delivered a stack that sizzles and gives you clarity and attack! POW!

Last and not least is the B8X Ballistic Crash. If you’re wanting an aggressive, responsive, trashy, all-out-attack of a cymbal then this may be the guy. Available in 16″ and 18″, these cymbals have been crafted using a unique peen-hammering  technique which leaves them flexing more than a gym-rat in a mirror.


New Artisan Elite and Artisan Light


“Combining elements of cymbal-making even the most traditional cymbal companies have abandoned and using forward-thinking technology they could only dream of, Artisan Elite are cymbals only the most skillful and passionate master craftsmen at SABIAN could create.”

Strong words from SABIAN and rightfully so. These cymbals are the epitome of the word “Artisan” and truly have to be heard to be believed. Don’t take our word for it, get to one of the unveiling dealers and hear for yourself!

Artisan Elite are available in 22″ and 20″ Rides and 14″ and 16″ Hi-Hats.

SABIAN have also added 14″ and 15″ Light Hats to the already established ‘Artisan’ range. Were those 15″‘s you tried a while back a bit weighty for you? Come back, SABIAN have got you covered!