Once the Musical!

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Today Westside are delighted to welcome our good friends from C.F. Martin, over from Nazareth P.A. The Martin crew are in town for the London premiere of the musical “Once”.

“Once” is coming to London from a hugely successful run on Broadway and has had the backing of Martin from the begining, who have provided guitars and strings for the talented musicians on stage and also for the original Broadway cast album.


“Once” tells the story of an Irish musician and a Czech immigrant drawn together by their shared love of music. Brought to the stage by an award-winning team of visionary artists and featuring an ensemble cast of gifted actor/musicians, it has a uniquely authentic spin on the format of the Musical stage show, and is sure to be as big a smash here as it has been in the US.

Check out the offical “Once” site for more info and to buy tickets: