Product Focus: Jim Dunlop Ultex Picks

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The Jim Dunlop Ultex range was designed to combine flexibility with monstrous attack, while being lightweight and virtually indestructible!


Ultex® picks give you the widest dynamic range of any pick on the market, and come in Standard, Sharp, Tri, and (new for 2014) the Jazz III shape.


Based on a coveted, vintage tortoise-shell pick in Dunlop’s private collection, the Ultex® Sharp has a rigid body that tapers into a thinner, sculpted tip for greater control and speed. The pick’s seamless, contoured edge offers a variety of playing surfaces and tones. Gauges (MM): .73, .90, 1.0, 1.14, 1.40, 2.0MM.


The brand new Ultex® Jazz III combines the durability, sharp attack, and lightweight of Ultex® with the coveted pointed tip design and quick release edge of a Jazz III. Ultex® gives you the widest possible dynamic range of any pick on the market and is now available in the Jazz III shape to add speed, clarity, and definition to any style of playing. Gauges: 1.38MM.


Ultex® Tri’s have the same crisp attack, but with more surface area to grab onto, making them the new standard for bass playing. Gauges (MM): .60, .73, .88, 1.0, 1.14MM.

Check out the Ultex range at your Jim Dunlop dealer.