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Ever fancied a guitar that was perfectly in tune, all the time? one that could also give you access to up to 18 alternate tunings with a couple of button presses? Or even better, how about if this functionality was available as an upgrade to the guitar that you already own?

Well Tronical Tune does all of this, and requires no modification to fit to your electric or acoustic guitar.

The systems is a simple ‘drop in’ retrofit for a massive selection of guitar models (currently well over 300), and does nothing to compromise the sound or playing performance of the instrument. Check out how easy the system is to install in the video below:


Tronical Tune adds almost no additional weight to the guitar headstock it is mounted to, and the servo driven machineheads control tuning the same way as regular tuning machines- they can be used manually too. The headstock mounted unit offers fast access to multiple open tunings and the ability to store custom tuning too. Here’s a great clip of Tronical Tune creator Chris Adams demonstrating the unit at Namm, switching with ease between the multiple tunings the unit makes available to you:



Pick up the March edition of Sound On Sound for the latest in a series of rave reviews in the MI press for Tronical Tune- they say “Tronical Tune will make [your instrument] more dependable, more versatile, and, ultimately, in tune more of the time”

SOS March cover


We urge you to try a Tronical system- we understand it’s easy to be sceptical in the face of such a new technology, but surely anything that takes away the hassle of being in tune is a good thing, right? Pianists have been thankful for their piano tuners for years!  The amount of creative options that become available to you with so many open tunings within easy reach is truly inspiring, and all the while there’s the confidence of knowing your instrument is perfectly in tune too.

Tronical Tune: the next tuning revolution is here!

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