SABIAN Cymbal Vote Tour!

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It’s time for the next big event in the SABIAN calendar- CYMBAL VOTE!

Unless you’ve been stuck under a cajon for the past 2 years you will  know that Cymbal Vote is your chance to make a difference to the SABIAN product line for the coming year, and also get the chance to WIN 12 BRAND NEW CYMBALS just by voting at!

12 prototype cymbals are available for you to hear now on, simply listen then vote for your favorite. The top 4 will go into production by SABIAN next year, with the winners being announced at NAMM 2014, and your vote enters you into a draw to win the cymbals.

There’s a wealth of audio examples online for demoing the Cymbal Vote- performances with Chad Smith, Mike Portnoy among others- but the best way to hear these Cymbals is to get down to a date on the Cymbal Vote Tour and try them out before making your choice.

Through September and October all 12 prototype cymbals will travel the  country to various SABIAN dealers waiting to be played and voted for by YOU. Check out the SABIAN Cymbal Vote at any of the dealers listed below. And every time you vote you increase your chance to WIN ALL 12 PROTOTYPE CYMBALS.

vote to win

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the extra chance to win a set of all 12 of last year’s 2013 prototypes  at your SABIAN dealer!

More info at

September 1 – 9 Colchester Sound Attak
September 2 – 10 Glasgow Rhythm Base
September 10 – 16 Brighton The Drum Cavern
September 13 – 19 Washington Drum Shop UK
September 17 – 24 Cardiff Drum Depot
September 19 – 24 Sheffield Drum-Stop
September 25 – Oct 01 Derby Rattle & Drum
September 26 – Oct 01 Reading DrumWright
October 02 – 08 Wembley Wembley Drum Centre
October 02 – 08 Newcastle Newcastle Drum Centre
October 08 – 14 Birmingham Professional Music Technology
October 12 – 13 London London Drum Show
October 14 – 18 London Bell Percussion
October 17 – 23 Leeds Professional Music Technology
October 18 – 23 Guildford Andertons
October 23 – 31 Manchester Professional Music Technology
October 24 – 31 Bristol Professional Music Technology