Sabian Thunder Duo rolls into town!

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Tonight sees the first of three SABIAN UK drum Clinics with the amazing master percussionist Kornel Horvath and rising-star drummer Gabor Dornyei – The thunder duo!

The clinics will feature the NEW SABIAN Players Choice 2012 winning models, and expect a percussive onslaught of ‘funky grooves, wild solos, and odd times that elevate listeners into a space where drums and percussion rule the world.’

Thunder Duo is a unique experience that combines diverse worlds of influence and directions of rhythmic pursuit, with Kornel and Gabor reinventing traditional styles from around the world as they seek out exciting new rhythms and grooves. At times the Duo stretches dangerously into the unknown. Then, with a stroke of brilliance, everything pulls together and the search is on for yet another head-spinning clave or funkily displaced groove.

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