Product Spotlight:Levy's Super Soft Leather

Editor General News, Levy's Leathers

Start the new year with some sexy new Super Soft leather!

We love the Levy’s M17SS Super Soft range. The M17SS is a 2 1/2 inch triple-ply super-soft garment leather guitar strap with contrasting double stitching.  The softness and comfort of the leather needs to be felt to be believed, and will give the wearer maximum comfort when playing for long periods of time. The M17SS is adjustable from 41″ to 54″ and there’s also an extra long (XL) version which adds an extra 12″ to the length.

As well as the black and red colours pictured below the strap is also available in a selection of garment colors too.

As with all Levy’s product the quality of this strap is phenomenal- they’re build to last years of hard gigging use.

SSP £89.99

Available now.

Contact Westside for more info or to find a dealer: 0844 326 2000