T-Rex Moller 2 [Namm 2013]

Editor General News, T Rex

The new Møller 2 delivers the same classic overdrive that made its predecessor one of T-Rex’s most sought-after pedals. Named after Danish guitarist Knud Møller, for whom the original pedal was designed, the new Møller 2 features a more durable “Bass Boost” toggle switch and easier-to-read control knob graphics.

T Rex Moller 2

In keeping with the original Moller, the pedal has a healthy 0-20 db Clean Boost, and unusually for a guitar drive pedal there’s a Mix control which lets you dial in the perfect balance between distorted and clean signals. Rolled all the way up and with distortion maxed, the pedal sounds just like a vintage tube amp at full volume. Roll the Mix knob back a bit, and your clean signal starts to get through; if you pick lightly or roll back your guitar volume, you get a stunning clean, softly-clipping sound that retains all the feel and dynamics of your original tone, only bigger, louder and richer. Flick in the bass boost to thicken the low end.

The boost function lets you dial in a solo level, whether the overdrive circuit is activated or not, effectively giving you a Distortion and Boost pedal in one.

Try the Moller 2 at your nearest T Rex dealer, available in the UK 1st quarter of 2013!