T-Rex Spindoctor 2

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T Rex effects have just announced an update of ‘the world’s best overdrive pedal’, the new SpinDoctor 2. Musicians and reviewers alike were astonished with the original SpinDoctor, a tube-driven preamp stomp box with 4 programmable channels, a full set of tone controls, motorised knobs and gorgeous vintage tone. Now T Rex have enhanced both the inside and out of the Spindoctor 2 with a host of new features.
When plugged into your stage amp, SpinDoctor2 broadens and deepens your amp with 4 custom channels of analogue overdrive – each with its own settings for gain, bass, mid, treble, presence and output level. A “lead” button is always available to take your right over the edge, and you can bypass your SpinDoctor2 from any channel for a clean sound straight from your amp.

But there’s so much more than just a stomp box overdrive. Use the SpinDoctor 2 as a tube preamp, plugging it directly into a power amp via the output jack. In the studio, use the speaker-simulation output to plug into a studio mixer or AD converter connected to your computer. Special level and frequency knobs let you set the volume and define the character of your virtual cabinet. Motorised knobs move when you switch channels, providing essential visual cues that let you monitor your settings at a glance – and adjust them just as quickly. There’s even a boost to help your solos really take off!


T Rex are convinced that SpinDoctor2 is the best product they’ve ever built, and we can’t wait to get our hands on one!

Ps. Keep your eyes peeled for a fantastic T Rex Competition soon!