The Dunlop Friday The 13th Giveaway!

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Friday the 13th- it’s all doom, gloom and hockey masked killers right?

Well for once in an effort to make your Friday the 13th as lucky as possible, those generous cats over at Jim Dunlop USA have pulled together a bumper prize hoard for anyone out there buying a Dunlop Electronics, MXR or Way Huge pedal from a Dunlop Authorised UK Dealer between now and the looming Friday the 13th of April.

The lucky winners can win anything from a selection of over 40 prizes including picks, Formula 65 guitar care kits, MXR pedals or even a signed artist pedal! All they have to do is log on and register their new Dunlop Electronics, MXR or Way Huge purchase at:

Winners will be drawn randomly from registrants on or after Friday the 13th of April. So what have you got to lose? Look out for the ‘distinctive’ official poster (pictured) in your local dealer, buy a great new bit of kit and enter a draw for even more great kit. Sorted. All the same, best keep an eye out for Jason, just in case…