The Great British Guitar Show & London Bass Guitar Show

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This weekend we’re rocking up to Birmingham for the Great British Guitar Show, and also down to London for the London Bass Guitar show to unveil a bunch of new product all you guitar-heads out there.

Jim Dunlop will be in full effect at both shows, and the Great British Guitar Show will have UK firsts with the new MXR Echoplex preamp and MXR Fet Driver on display, and also the brand new additions to the Dunlop Jazz III pick range will also be available for the first time…. bassist down in London will get the first play of the new MXR bass pre-amp (we’ve had a couple flown over especially).

Paul Turner, bassist with Jamiroquai and endorser of the new Dunlop Extra Bright Bass Strings will be lending a hand at London too;)


Look out for MXR giveaways too- we will be giving away pedals on both days of the show in conjunction with the cool cats at Fairdeal Music.

Our demo man Peter Honore will be demonstrating the awesome Tronical Tune system all weekend a the Great British Guitar Show. Tronical Tune retro fits to your guitar with no modification and allows you to switch between 18 different tunings at the touch of a button. If you’ve not seen this system in action yet the GBGS is the place to be, and prepare to be amazed!

This month Sound On Sound magazine have just said “If you have a single main instrument, Tronical Tune will make it more dependable, more versatile and, ultimately, in tune more of the time, and it’s an option all serious guitarists should consider.”

Check out the video below to get an idea, or come see us at the show for a one on one demo on how to  turn your guitar into an uber-flexibe multituning marvel!


The awesome new Mesa Boogie Prodigy and Strategy bass amps will be bringing the thunder to London too, check it:

As well as all these brand new products we’ll have a fantastic selection of show only deals across these and all the superb brands we are lucky enough to distribute here in the UK.  So if you’re in Birmingham or London this weekend be sure and say hello!