The new T-Rex Tapster and Room-Mate Junior have arrived!

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Just landed in the UK, the two latest additions to wonderful T-Rex family, the Tapster and the Room-Mate Junior! We’ve only had the briefest of plays so far but already we can vouch for the fantastic tones from each box. Expect a full demo of them both on the Westside youtube channel soon.

Like all T-Rex products there’s vintage styling coupled with a modern, practical ‘why didn’t i think of that?’ features that are genuinely useful onstage or in the studio.

The Tapster has the gorgeous vintage tone and uncluttered functionality of the T Rex Tremster tremolo pedal… but with the addition of Tap Tempo so you can switch between swampy pulsation and ultra wide see saw dynamics -and anywhere in between- while you play. This means a couple of taps to adjust the tempo in time with your next track, or can even be used to keep the tremolo completely in time with a live drummer or song tempo changes.

The Tapster also lets you choose how your tremolo pulsates to the beat – the subdivision switch lets you choose between quarter notes, eight notes, or eight-note triplets. Like all T-Rex pedals, Tapster boasts an elegant, rugged design that’s built for a life on the road. It it comes in cherry red too- another plus.

The newest addition to the already legendary T Rex reverb line is the  Room-Mate Junior , which has all the best from the original Room-Mate packed into one incredibly authentic sounding unit.

The new Junior offers 4 state-of-the-art sounds algorithms; SPRING, ROOM, HALL and LFO. The reverb options are endless. Use the decay knob to adjust the length of your reverb trail in all four modes. It is also possible to use your Room-Mate Junior in an effects loop without overloading the pedal’s input stage – you simply adjust the INPUT GAIN knob accordingly. The Room-Mate Junior will eradicate any speculations about unwanted noise and vibrations in a live-setting, a problem than befalls many in built amp reverbs.

Once again T Rex have married cutting-edge digital technology and superior analogue craftsmanship to deliver a superb vintage reverb sound.