UK Dunlop Friday Giveaways: MXR Phase 90

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Today’s Friday Giveaway pedal needs no introduction, but here’s one anyway:

The MXR Phase 90 was made famous by the one and only Eddie Van Halen, adding a shimmery velocity to lead passages or a more dramatic swoosh to muted strumming. Not just for guitars; the Phase 90 works well with bass, keyboards and even vocals. Vary the speed from a subtle, long cycle to a fast, watery warble…and a myriad of vintage vibrations in between.

You want? Of course you do. Just give us an answer to this question in the comments section below:

‘Was Eddie Van Halen the best rock guitarist of the 80’s? if not, who was?’

Oh, and none of this ‘In My Opinion..’ or ‘all guitar players are different’ stuff- we want definite answers, and possibly a fight.

Giveaway is UK and NI only as usual. By entering, you consent to receiving marketing and promotional email from Westside Distribution, which you can opt out of at any time… we don’t send much.


Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!

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