UK Dunlop Friday Giveaways: Signed Jerry Cantrell Wah

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Four Wahs In Four Weeks is the Dunlop tagline, and we are now into week three. Over here in the UK we’ve already given away an Original Cry Baby and a Slash Classic Wah (the Slash went to Mr John Sales in Kent, who phoned this morning to tell us this was the first thing he’d won since he was 11 and it’s his birthday on Monday). What could possibly be next?

You know what’s next, as it’s written in the big type at the top of this blog entry- We’ve got a JC95 Wah, and an additional base plate which is signed by Jerry himself. Pretty cool.

See the video below from Dunlop TV for an in depth look at the Cantrell Wah, with it’s variable toe frequency for a darker, more vocal sweep, and distinctive ‘Roadworn brass’ casing.

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