UK Friday Giveaways:- Slash Classic Wah

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Information gleaned from last weeks Giveaway: Some guy called Slash is pretty popular. And he’s popular with the guys at Jim Dunlop too- they now have two types of wah and an Octave Fuzz designed in conjunction with the top- hatted guitar genius.

This week’s giveaway features the most recent addition to the Slash sonic arsenal- The Cry Baby Classic.

Dunlop have worked closely with Slash to design a custom-voiced wah for the raw, expressive sound that has influenced a generation of guitar players. Tuned to a lower frequency and featuring a custom-wound resonance inductor, this wah- wah has a huge dynamic range and a wide sweep. Two side-mounted blue LEDs indicate ON/OFF status, viewable from any angle onstage, so you can always tell when the effect is on. The Slash Cry Baby Classic also features high quality components, such as a true hardwire bypass switch and a long-life pot, and comes in housed in a heavy duty die-cast casing featuring custom Slash artwork and a distressed hot-rod paintjob.

You want this pedal don’t you? Well just tell us ‘What is your favourite Slash moment?’ in the comments box below. It can be a guitar solo, a flick of the hair at the Kerrang awards, a reply to one of Axl’s jibes… anything.


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Ps. If you haven’t already, check out Dunlop’s feature length (award winning) documentary on the Cry Baby, here


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