Way Huge – sTo Super Terrific Overdrive

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sTo Super Terrific Overdrive



The WM25 sTo stands for Super Terrific Overdrive. This fabulous sounding pedal was derived from the Nashville players’ circuit dirt box.

Back in 2018, Jeorge Tripps began a conversation with a young aspiring Nashville guitar slinger regarding the folklore surrounding a certain not-so-secret weapon overdrive pedal… Nearly every 615 based guitar player that works the “Lower Broad” honkey-tonk gig has come to know and love the Nobels ODR1, also known as “the other green overdrive.” Way Huge offers Tripps’ riff on the classic design using a FET op amp instead of a discrete FET input. Jeorge also opted to use a 4741 quad op amp (instead of the ODR1’s 4558) also used in his Geishadrive for smooth OD tones. The overdrive provides a “pillowy” breakup without the nasal midrange that some associate with a classic TS design.


  • True bypass
  • Smalls housing
  • Smooth overdrive
  • Based on original ODR1 circuit