Westside Partner With Pedaltrain

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We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Pedaltrain, distributing their amazing products to the UK and Ireland. Since we’re already lucky enough to have such a strong portfolio of leading guitar effects pedal brands like MXR, Way Huge, Morley, T-Rex and Jim Dunlop, the addition of Pedaltrain’s high quality pedal mounting solutions seemed a naturally synergetic progression.

Pedaltrain are renowned worldwide for innovative guitar effects pedalboards, and their award winning designs have been approved, road tested and are currently used by thousands of guitarists worldwide. Forward thinking products like the patented open frame and elevated angle design of their pedal boards or new Volto lithium-ion battery multi-pedal powerpack ensure Pedaltrain are always leading in their field of expertise.


Westside  Director Jonny van der Schoot- “Here at Westside we’re proud to have an unparalleled range of pedal brands on our distribution roster. Obviously these products go hand in hand with the superb Pedaltrain range and this puts us in a great position to offer this high quality brand our marketing, support and distribution network in the UK and Ireland. ”.

If you require more information on Pedaltrain in the UK and Ireland please contact us on 0141 248 4812 or email us here