Westside Partner with Voodoo Lab!

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Westside Distribution has exclusively partnered with Voodoo Lab in the UK and Ireland to distribute the renowned manufacturer of professional stage and studio electronics for musicians.

Voodoo Lab create some of the finest hand built products in the market, all ruggedly constructed and ‘road ready’. Whether it’s a simple single button stompbox, a multi pedal power supply, or a fully programmable switching system to control a mix of analogue pedals, digital and MIDI gear, all Voodoo Lab products have ‘bomb proof’ construction and crystal clear sound quality.

“Voodoo Lab have an unrivalled reputation for quality and reliability amongst the toughest sections of the industry to please: The road crews and touring musicians,” Said Westside director Jonny X “to keep the pro guys happy your products have to deliver day in day out and this is what Voodoo Lab do”.

Our portfolio of guitarist’s effects and gigging tools includes prestigious brands like AER Pocket Tools, Jim Dunlop, Mesa Boogie Pedals,Morley, MXR, PedalTrain, T Rex and Way Huge.

Jonny X “It’s nothing but a privilege for us at Westside to be able to partner with a brand like Voodoo Lab whose name and products are synonymous with quality. Our strong portfolio of related brands puts us in a great position to offer the best support and reach possible here in the UK and Ireland. We are looking forward a mutually beneficial relationship with the Voodoo Lab team long into the future.”