Announcing Levy’s Natural Line Guitar Straps

Andy HaldaneGeneral News

Vegan Friendly Guitar Straps

Hemp & Cork

Vegan and made from sustainable materials, these woven hemp straps feature 2-ply cork ends, reinforced for durability and wear. We tucked a hidden pocket on the front inside of the strap for easy-access storage. At 2.5” tall, the pocket can hold a slide, capo, picks… let your imagination decide. Earth-friendly prints complement our basic strap for the environmentally-conscious.





Cork & Cotton


The new texture addition of our cork straps is the highlight of our vegan line. We used environmentally-friendly cork from the fashion industry and paired it with our best-selling cotton strap for extra support. In addition to solids, the bold addition of our cork prints provides a hint of nature with the cork texture peeking through the designs. Cork straps are also vegan with the signature Levy’s shape.



Natural Line

Deluxe Hemp


The contrast and texture of heavyweight hemp fabric coupled with our bold and sleek garment leather make these straps a gentleman’s dream. Padded with our softest padding, the Lux padded line is a showstopper that will look stellar with any guitar. We added a nod to our Naturals line with our new lotus mark on the tail end of the strap