Dunlop Electronics at NAMM 2016

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Namm 2016: Dunlop have just announced a range of products for the coming year that will have all the pedal geeks getting pretty damn excited. The first of the big news is the MXR Reverb, but there’s also a signature John Petrucci Cry Baby wah and Joe Bonamassa Way Huge/ , mini Bass Wah, mini MXP Volume Pedals, an Echoplex Delay and more…. have a look below.


MXR Reverb

The MXR Reverb packs six distinct, exquisitely-crafted high end reverb styles into a Phase 90-sized box package with a simple three-knob setup, a hi-fi analog dry path, and an expression output so you can blend setting configurations. £189.99
• Six meticulously crafted reverbs in one pedal
• Hi-fi analog and digital audio paths
• Dry path is 100% analog
• Studio-grade low noise floor
• Relay true bypass and delay trails modes
• Expression pedal jack for foot control of all knob settings
• Stereo In/Out capability when using TRS cables

Echoplex Delay
The Echoplex Delay delivers the legendary Echoplex EP-3’s warm, organic modulation with 750ms of delay time and an Age control to shape the sound of your repeats, from clear and shimmering to saturated and distressed. Features stereo and tap tempo capability, with up to 4 seconds of delay time, and a hi-fi all-analog dry path. £189.99
• Vintage Echoplex EP-3 tape echo warmth and modulation
• Hi-fi analog and digital audio paths
• Dry path is 100% analog
• Age control varies delay tone from pristine to dark and dirty
• Delay control provides 65–750ms of delay time
• Tap tempo jack provides up to 4 seconds of delay time with external Tap Tempo Switch
• Studio-grade low noise floor
• Relay true bypass and delay trails modes
• Stereo In/Out capability when using TRS cables

MXR tap tempo

The MXR Tap Tempo switch features adjustable tip/ring configuration so you can control the delay time of a wide variety of delay pedal types. This pint-sized footswitch is ruggedly built for a lifetime on the road. £39.99
• Adjustable tip/ring configuration
• Ruggedly built, road-ready construction
• Can be used with a variety of pedal types


The MXR Studio Compressor provides classic studio style compression, featuring Attack, Release, Ratio, Input, and Output controls so you can fine-tune your compression level with visual feedback from a bright LED gain-reduction status meter. £182.99
• Classic studio compressor in a Phase 90-sized pedal
• CHT™ Constant Headroom Technology for clear, clean performance
• Ten Gain-reduction status LEDs
• True bypass


The Volume (X) Mini Pedal controls volume and FX parameters with the same reliable durability as the DVP3, but it takes up
half as much space on your pedalboard. Features a switchable AUX jack that functions as a tuner or expression out. £114.99
• Controls volume levels and FX parameters
• Half the size of the DVP3
• Low Friction Band-Drive for smooth, durable performance
• Lightweight and pedalboard-friendly
• AUX output for switchable tuner/expression functionality


The Cry Baby Bass Mini Wah delivers the same sound and functionality as the popular 105Q at half the size with a
lighter aluminum housing. Just like its bigger brother, this pedal is optimized to retain a strong, solid fundamental
while sweetening up fills and solos, and it’ll fit nicely on your downsized travel board. £119.99
• Half the size of a standard Cry Baby Wah
• Optimized for bass frequencies
• External Q and Volume controls
• Auto-return switching
• Lightweight aluminum housing


The John Petrucci Signature Cry Baby Wah sounds huge and expressive, with all the controls John needs to fine-tune his sound:
Volume, Q, and a 6-band EQ to shape frequencies from 100Hz to 3.2KHz £189.99
• Based on John Petrucci’s Cry Baby Rack Wah settings
• Ultimate tonal control of wah effect
• Features Volume, Q, and six EQ controls inside the pedal
• Smoked chrome finish


The Green Rhino Overdrive Mark IV is more compact than its ancestors, but it has more force than ever behind its mighty charge. In addition to the Volume, Tone, and Drive controls of the original, this beastie has the MkII’s 100Hz control and an all new 500Hz control so you can cut or boost your lows and midsby 12dB each way. £129.99
• Smaller, more pedalboard-friendly housing
• 100HZ and 500HZ controls for shaping mids and lows
• Classic switch recalls the tones of the original Green Rhino


Joe Bonamassa likes his overdriven sound bold and punchy, and the Way Huge® Overrated Special Overdrive is designed to give the
impeccable blues man just that. Jeorge Tripps took an old school Green Rhino OD, hot-rodded it for a more pronounced midrange
and added a 500Hz control so that Joe can punch up the low mids for his tasty, groovy licks. £189.99
• Designed specially for Joe Bonamassa
• Bold, punchy overdrive with pronounced midrange
• 500HZ control for cutting or boosting low end
• Limited to 1000 pieces