Mesa Boogie King Snake

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Those guys at Mesa Boogie are on a roll!

Hot on the heels of the stunning new Rectoverb 25 comes something very special, designed in conjunction with non other than Mr Carlos Santana, feast your eyes on this: the Mesa Boogie King Snake.


Isn’t she beautiful? This 1×12 combo is being produced in an extremely limited run worldwide, built on spec based on Carlos’ original Mark 1 Boogie, with some mods from back in the day and more recent tweaks the Boogie masters have learned. Watch the video below to see the infectious enthusiasm both Carlos and Randall Smith from Boogie have brought to this amazing project, and for some laughs as well (‘….you either got tinitus, or lost the ability to make babies’ is our favourite random quote!).

All the extra spec info you need can be found over at the Mesa Boogie website here.

We are hopingto see these combos in the UK in the first quarter of next year, to find your nearest Mesa Boogie dealer be sure and check

SSP £2799


So damn cool!