MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe

Editor General News, MXR

Brand new for the new year: The MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe. This fantastic emerald green coloured Bass Innovations pedal has a whole host of great features inside it’s classic, rugged MXR housing. We are expecting these in the UK very soon. You can find an MXR dealer from the link at the bottom of the page.

This awesome pedal is powered by pure analog bucket-brigade technology, serving up shimmering, liquid chorus and swooshing, metallic flanger effects while preserving the punch and fundamental of your low end.


There’s a Flanger mode, and in X-Over Mode, modulation in low frequencies is decreased at 100Hz—perfect for playing upper register chords, melodies and fills while keeping the low end in tune. With Bass and Treble controls you can cut or boost lows and highs and shape the tonal character of the effect. For a wide stereo sound, select the TRS (tip-ring-sleeve) Stereo Hardwire Bypass Mode via an internal switch. In this mode, you can use a TRS to TS (tip-sleeve) Y-splitter cable to send the effect signal to two different amplifiers, allowing the modulation to move from left to right.

Available soon at your nearest MXR dealer!