New Martin String Packaging

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240cc9a7-743a-4382-8317-7067d0ab2e93Check out the new Flow Wrap foil packaging on Martin strings!

Announced at Winter NAMM 2015, Martin Strings newly designed string packaging has now arrived in the UK, and very cool it is too. The foil packaging is designed to keep your strings sealed and sparkling fresh, and inside you’ll find 6 individual string envelopes to keep things as clear as possible when fitting them to you guitar.

The whole range has had a visual overhaul too. Packaging is now colour coded according to string type so it’s easy to tell at a glance the type of string, and the range display coherently in stores.

You can find out more in the new 2015 Martin string catalogue available to view here, and in this new video:



Martin String dealers, please click the link below for dealer resources featuring a guide detailing the changes to the packaging, web banners, video and string packaging images all available for download: