Sabian Player's Choice winners!

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All the vote are in and counted and the winners for the SABIAN players choice awards have been announced!

SABIAN’s interesting and unique Players Choice campaign has yeilded 4 new cymbals that really look the business and because of the nature of the promo are a direct response to the demands of the end user. Check out the look and hear the new cymbals now over at, they’re pretty awesome!

20″ HHX Zen China

A unique inverted Chinese design – a raised bell when the lip is turned down – make the 20″ HHX Zen China easier to play when mounted flat. The Zen China is traditionally hand hammered, then additional HHX hammering is employed to flatten out the playing surface next to the bell.

20″ AAX Aero Crash

Starting with the raw bell design of our very popular AAX X-Plosion Crash – and inspired by the success of the Holy China – the SABIAN Vault team experimented with various hole sizes and configurations until they achieved the ideal balance of frequency and cut. Despite its appearance, the AAX Aero Crash (16″, 18″, 20″) is not an O-Zone effect Crash, nor is it an X-Plosion Crash – it’s a brand new crash cymbal from SABIAN. Killer!

14″ AAX Click Hats

Based on a 14″ HH cymbal platform, the profiles of both top and bottom HHX Click Hats have been raised to an AA shape for higher pitch, and HHX hammering has been added for articulation and click. The bottom of both cymbals are fully lathed, while the tops are only partially lathed for added control and even more click, giving the SABIAN 14″ HHX Click Hats their electronic click-track quality.

20″ AAX Stadium Ride


The 20″ AAX Stadium Ride nicely bridges the gap in Sabian’s AAX line between the Stage Ride and the Metal Ride. Its medium-heavy weight and solid bell make it the ideal ride for projection, stick definition and warm spread.