UK Dunlop Friday Giveaways: Cry Baby

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Friday Again? Already? Yussss.

This week we have a classic pedal which needs no introduction, but we’re going to give it one anyway…

..Wait, we used that line last week. And this is a pedal that really does not need any introduction. this is the CRYBABY. You know what it does, you know how it sounds, you know how to work one. There’s one on the board of almost any lead guitarist you see, anywhere in the world. It’s the #1 selling guitar effect pedal OF ALL TIME, for godsake.

So, just give us the definitive answer to this simple and completely subjective question:

‘What is the best wah guitar solo of all time?’

Usual rules apply, Uk and NI only, winner chosen at random next Thursday. By entering, you consent to receiving marketing and promotional email from Westside Distribution, which you can opt out of at any time… we don’t send much.


[This competition is now closed]