Westside Welcome Los Cabos Drumsticks!

Editor General News, Los Cabos

Westside Distribution is proud to announce with immediate effect that we are now the exclusive UK distributor for Canada’s Los Cabos Drumsticks!

The Los Cabos catalogue boasts over 40 different drumstick models, with full ranges made from Maple, Hickory, and Red Hickory, and also includes a complete range of percussion tools- brushes, mallets, practice pads and percussion sticksaccessories. Los Cabos are possibly the only stick manufacturer to create a full range of sticks from Red Hickory, which is renowned for its strength, durability and ability to withstand great amounts of stress. Red Hickory is cut from the centre of the tree and is harder to work with than other hardwoods, but pushing that bit more to produce quality products is typical of Los cabos.

Westside’s Jay Lewington “These sticks are made to an extremely high standard and their quality and durability is second to none. Any drummer who tries them out is sure to agree. For me they are the most durable hickory sticks on the market.”

The Los Cabos ethos to go the extra mile isn’t just limited to their product range. Knowledge and understanding of materials and manufacturing coupled with awareness towards environmental issues have influenced many company operating practices, and they are determined to make their carbon footprint as small as possible and to impact as little as they can on their native Canadian countryside. Safe environmental practices limit hazardous chemicals, waste reduction means wood shavings are used as fuel during the long Canadian winters or sent to local farmers as bedding, and the majority of wood is grown and harvested under the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainability.

Unfinished SticksWestside Director Phil Hay: “Los Cabos sit perfectly alongside the other fantastic D&P brands we are lucky to distribute in the UK. Their quality product and forward thinking environmental policies I can’t commend highly enough. Next to SABIAN, Drum Workshop, PDP and Gon Bops the addition of Los Cabos Drumsticks helps Westside offer UK dealers a complete Drum & Percussion portfolio that features many of our industry’s most renowned names”.

Los Cabos Drumsticks are available now, call 0141 248 4812