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CruzTOOLS Have been making quality tools since 1996, with the aim of providing innovative and highly functional products you can count on anywhere.

The GrooveTech range of products has long been a staple tech benches the world over, providing useful tools built to the highest quality and will not let you down when you need them the most.

Each item in the GrooveTech™ range is practical, durable and performs its job exactly as it is supposed to. Guitar, bass and drum maintenance require the exacting precision which these tools provide, be it a quick adjustment at a gig or a complete pro setup. Over 12 years experience in manufacture has gone into developing these tools to the highest quality.

As well as the comprehensive, established GrooveTech Guitar and Bass kits, there’s also a number of smaller but no less useful additions to the Cruztools range for both guitarist and drummers. Have a preview look at some below, and you can download the product catalogue here.

stagehandStagehand Compact Tech Kit


The Stagehand kit is the new protable version of the GrooveTech guitar kit. Central to the concept is a 19-piece magnetic bit set and screwdriver-style bit holder, with both inch and metric hex wrenches, screwdrivers, and sockets to handle virtually any make and model of guitar or bass. A capo and 15-blade thickness gauge with integrated ruler permit neck measurement, which is essential to proper truss rod adjustment. Also included are downsized string cutters and a string winder. Everything fits into an uber-compact pouch that is ready to hit the road. GTSH1 £29.99


Sound hole Truss rod driverssoundhole truss

 Many acoustic guitars require adjustment through the soundhole, a typically awkward place to get to. The drivers allow access to nuts on most makes and models of acoustics, with a precision ball-end tip for easy fit, extra length on both segments of the blade, and an oversized handle for confidence when making adjustments two sizes- GTAW4 (4mm – fits most brands), GTAW5 (5mm – primarily Martin). GTAW4 and GTAW5  SSP £11.50
socket keyGrooveTech Jack and Pot Wrench

Instrument and amp jacks are notorious for coming loose, and with a shallow nut and recessed cavity access can be challenging. The GrooveTech Jack and Pot Wrench provides three thin-wall sockets – 1/2″, 7/16″, and 12mm – in a compact four-inch tool to handle the most common sizes of jacks and pots on instruments, amps, and other audio gear. Add a dab of threadlocker, and you’ll probably never have to deal with that loose jack again. Sockets are pro-grade with a dazzling polished chrome finish.GTJPT1 £12.50



GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tooldrum tool

Drums take a beating. Literally. Such abuse means ongoing adjustment and repair – even during a performance, so we developed the GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool to quickly remedy problems on virtually all makes and models of drums. Of course, it starts with a drum key that’s made to the same high standards as our T-Handle Drum Key. No multi-tool would be complete without the standard array of screwdrivers, so we provide a 5mm slotted and #1 and #2 Phillips. But where this tool really adds value is its collection of both inch and metric hex wrench sizes to handle pedals and other hardware. All tools are forged to precision tolerances using a heat-treated S2 alloy, and sport a polished chrome finish for a little extra bling on the bandstand. GTDMT1 £16.99




drum key

GrooveTech T-Handle Drum Key

The GrooveTech puts a new “spin” on drum keys with a unique sliding “T” handle that allows quick and easy changing of drum heads without power tools. The handle can be slid from one end to the other for extra leverage – especially useful for high-tension drum corps tuning. Fit and finish is top-drawer, using heat-treated chrome vanadium alloy with a polished chrome finish. The detachable 1/4” drive drum key socket is made to precise tolerances. GTDKY1 £13.50