Martin Retro Strings

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New from Martin and now available in the UK, Martin Retro Strings!



Martin Retro Strings recreate the ‘Martin Monel’ brand of string from the late 60s and 70s, and use a nickel-copper alloy that is corrosive resistant and tends to have extended playability over traditional 80/20 or 92/8 strings. The nickel-copper alloy mellows quickly to allow the natural, woody sound of the guitar to pour from the soundhole, and respond greatly to the woods used in the guitar construction. They also have a uniquely silvered appearance, similar to an electric guitar string.

Tony Rice Bio

The Martin Monel style string was originally re-issued last year after being developed in conjunction the Legendary Bluegrass artist Tony Rice. Tony played Monel Strings loyally on Clarence White’s 1935 D28 until they eventually became unavailable. When Martin’s sound engineers perfected the new Monel Strings Tony said his old D28 finally sounded like it did in the 60s- just like it should sound. He now proudly puts his name to his own signature Monel gauge.


Pick up a set of Martin Retro Strings or Tony Rice Monel Strings from your Martin Strings dealer and step back in time, today!


Retro Custom Light (.11- .52)

Retro Light (.12-.54)

Tony Rice Signature Monel Strings (.13-.56)

SSP £8.99